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Zelda Cavern Community
I wanted to prepare a great intro and all that jazz, but I am among friends and I haven't really given myself the time to do everything the way I wanted so I'll just improvise here.

So... Zelda Cavern is not a new website and has been around since a decade ago. It had a long hiatus down some years ago and we're trying to kick things back in motion. Since the time we started the community we've had a nice environment and a core group of members having a good time and sharing opinions game and not game related.

Many of us met on Zelda Communities and I no longer find a medium size community where we can form a tight group and have our little haven. I know for many of you Zelda is not the center of your lives anymore, and that is fine. We have other zones and we are always happy to learn about new games, experiences and hobbies that you mights be enjoying now.

We're a chill forum with some old school forumers putting their own spin as well. It'd be good to see you guys around sometime. Even if you just join to post for a day and say hi, that'd make my day. Also feel free to tell me what you think of it on this thread. Smile

As to not babble on and on, I will now pass you the Link and hope you will consider to check us out.]
[Image: bdv1tz.jpg]
The red theme hurts my eyes ;-;. Make a gold and black theme!

Also like the rotating banner on top.
Aka Amy Bolduc, owner of
Author of Naevorlis.
Seems like not many people is fan of the current skin.

Why black and gold? Somenthing in special with said colours? Hahaha. XD

Not sure if I can do much about the skin given that Link created it trying to mimic the old community colours but I guess we could edit the shades so it isn't as bright. What I can do is to make a light skin to balance things out.
[Image: bdv1tz.jpg]
Black and Gold used to be Zelda Temple's forum skin an actually is a nice touch. Gold for the Triforce and Black to cancel the black. Plus gold (a shade of yellow) actually fits with dark gray and black.

Archive didn't do so well, so here.
Aka Amy Bolduc, owner of
Author of Naevorlis.
I see. I agree they do combine nicely.
I'll keep it in mind for when we do another darker skin.

Hopefully with the light skin I want to bring from the Spanish side, will make it more bearable for you and other people on the fence to joining.

I am also would love more peeps from our forum-prime generation so if you know anyone that used to be Zelda Forums, please do not hesitate to tell them about ZC. :>
[Image: bdv1tz.jpg]

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