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2016 USA Election
So another year of elections are coming. Discuss next years elections and who you will vote for!
Aka Amy Bolduc, owner of
Author of Naevorlis.
If you ask me, the elections are one big joke. None of the candidates are going to do shit, if elected. Now that it's down to just Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, a truly appropriate analogy would be choosing between burning to death and drowning. This country has fallen so low, and I just can't believe that this is what has become of us. We earned a huge worldwide reputation after we won both world wars.

Don't even get me started on the illusion of "two parties", for they really are a part of the same branch. Liberals and conservatives equally piss me off to no bounds with their cut-and-paste remarks. For example, both sides have skewed perspectives of guns.
I'm kinda annoyed about it too. I don't like Trump, I don't like any Democrats. I really only liked Cruz and he went out the window. :/

As for liberals and conservatives... I lean more center-right on policies. Some conservatives are really out there while liberals are outer space when it comes to their ideals. I tend to lean more towards conservative ideology because of my Christian faith kinda follows it, but I do sometimes disapprove of radical ideas. Hence my center-right leaning.
Aka Amy Bolduc, owner of
Author of Naevorlis.

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