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Community Topic I - *CPRs Forums*
(03-28-2017, 04:50 AM)Akiranon Wrote: Unfortunately the Xbox's hard drive is tied to the console, so without a TSOP/Modchip/EEPROM backup, it's impossible to replace the stock hard drive. Once that thing fails, it's all over. So yeah, totally worth it.

I actually found out about a way around this. If you use ConfigMagic to manually change your Xbox's HDD key (the 32-digit code that locks the hard drive to the motherboard), you can give all of your Xboxes matching HDD keys.

I changed the HDD key on all four of my Xboxes to 32 0s, so now I can freely put any of my hard drives into any of my Xboxes and they'll all work without any problems and if I ever choose to clone additional hard drives, they'll all have matching keys as well. This also allows DLC and system-locked game saves to work universally on all of your consoles too because these files all check the Xbox's HDD key, which is now the same on every console.

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