You can donate $1 or more to my Patreon or donate here. Every dollar helps me produce the webcomic faster and helps me replace things!

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Help purchase Xenforo
Hello everyone. I am considering purchasing Xenforo for us in the future to better help the community. I was hoping that if you would be so kind to help donate some money to my Patreon to help with this, as well as help get my webcomic out sooner. This is entirely up to you, but if I make $12 a month, I can get Xenforo in a year, or if I get $50 a month (beating one of my goals), I can get Xenforo in 3 months.

Again this is all up to you if you want to help or not. You can donate $1 or more to my Patreon a month and get artwork from me. :3

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Brogan of Xenforo says I can purchase a renewal on the license for $40 and I can get the newer updates on Xenforo, like version 1.5.4.

That being said, there are currently $215 or less worth of mods and themes I want to install onto the forums. If you want to donate to help pay for these things, please click the Patreon link above. That's only if you want.

Thanks for at least reading this. Have a blessed day ^-^
Aka Amy Bolduc, owner of
Author of Naevorlis.
Glad Brogan approves. It sure cuts the software price itself by more than half. Now we can focus that money instead for add-ons and other things. La
[Image: bdv1tz.jpg]
Hello. If you came from the (now defunct) wiki, you maybe wondering where you are. You are in the forums and I have directed you to this post specifically to give you a message.

I have decided to not use Mediawiki for wiki purposes because the system is too bloated and there isn't a proper responsive design for the wiki. With that being said, I am hoping to direct you to this topic (and the first post specifically) and ask for your help on donating to purchasing a renewal to Xenforo (a forum software) as well as purchasing modifications for it, more specifically a wiki modification.

This is entirely your choice and you do not have to follow if you do not want to, but I appreciate you reading this post. Thank you.
Aka Amy Bolduc, owner of
Author of Naevorlis.

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