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Zaer (Approved)
Name: Zaer (Zz-ay-er)
Age: Appears 18, is 1,500 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Fae'inths (FAE-inn-ths). Human in appearance, these beings have long ears like the elves however rough ridges grow along the bottom edge of their ears to the tips. They are capable of transforming into fierce dragons for a short amount of time for combat, or long for general travel if they wish. They transform at will or can transform when angered to the extremes the latter of which will result in their animal instincts to kick in. They cannot transform if they are starving or generally too weak to even move. In their human forms they can also breathe their respective element or summon it in their palm. Also their transformations do not rip clothes and merely makes a form around them.

Alignment: Neutral

Height: 5'11" (human) / 50'7" (dragon ; full head raise) else 22'7" (at hips)
Length: 70'5" (dragon)
Wing Span: 135 feet.
Weight: 185 pounds, lean with some muscle (human) / 12 tons (dragon)

Hair Color and Style: Snow white hair that is slightly longer than shoulder length. The fringe is parted above his right eye with the left side pointing left and vice-versa.
Eye Color: Blood red
Appearance: A simple string with a few gems is tied around his forehead. He wears simple and light chest and shoulder armor on himself while he wears a long sleeved black tunic and black pants. Leather gauntlets and boots protect his arm and legs, respectively.
Appearance (Dragon): A large black dragon whose scales appear purple and blue when light reflects off them at a certain angle. His front two arms are his wings and they have magenta webbing that allows him to fly; feathers grow off these wings and start off magenta, then purple, then blue, then white at the bottom layer of feathers. A natural made visor protects his eyes and is made by harder than normal cartilage; it allows him to see outside, but no one can see where his eyes are looking, allowing him to be unpredictable in battle. Two bunches of feathers stick on either side of the visor and a set of feathers flow from his shoulder blades downwards to the tip of his tail.
Misc. Possessions:
- Food pouches
- Storage pouches
- Herb
- Waterskin
Personality: Normally keeps to himself but will talk if he needs to. Is actually quite the pacifist if he wants to, wishing only to fight when there really is a need to. Even in his dragon form, he won't use the beast's true power or strength.

Strengths: As a human, he has above average strength for a normal human, but he tends to not show it so he can pass off as an elf. As a dragon, his size and strength make him a threat to all those around him.
Weaknesses: As a human, he only has the armor that protects his shoulders and chest region, meaning he is open to other attacks that cannot be blocked by his shield. As a dragon, he can only maintain the form for a short period of time due to the immense size of it. The dragon is also susceptible to magic, despite being immune to swords and nearly immune to arrows.
Skills: Zaer takes side jobs as an assassin to make money. As such, he is rather at sneaking around.
Abilities: No mentionable abilities.
- Dragon Transformation: At the expense of some energy, he can turn into a massive and powerful dragon for a short time.
- Fire Magic: Zaer is a fire elemental Fae'inth and can breath fire both as a dragon and a human. He can also conquer a fire ball in his hand.

- Sword: He carries a sword on his right hip, which his shield acts as its scabbard.
- Dagger: A dagger is carried on the back of his belt, used for assassinations.
- Claws: As a human, he can turn his hands into dragon-like hands to claw his foe. It is a natural defense tool as a dragon.
- Fangs: Both human and dragon forms have fangs to fend attackers.
Armor: He wears a chest and shoulder armor to protect his heart and gauntlets and boots to protect his hands and feet. As a dragon his entire body is protected by thick scales so not even a sword or arrow can pierce it. However, his wings are susceptible to arrows.

Likes: Peace, quiet, and solitude, but isn't entirely bothered being placed with a small group. Prefers eating a lot of meat. Fruit is okay.
Dislikes: Having to stay in a large crowd. Avoids eating vegetables if need be. Unnecessary violence not relating to his job.

Biography: Zaer is one of the surviving Fae'inths in the world after the war between humans and Fae'inths. Because of this, he tends to keep his dragon form hidden from humans and passes himself off as an elf. He is trying to find more Fae'inths in the world and unite them to live on a separate continent away from humans. He is also tasked to find the Dragon's Tear, which was lost in the battle between humans and Fae'inths. The Tear held so much power that it could very well change the landscape of the world, so Zaer was tasked to find the tear and guard it with his life.
Aka Amy Bolduc, owner of
Author of Naevorlis.

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