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Some Feedback
Thought I'd give some helpful feedback!

1. Top menu bar problem. Is there a way to fix this? I find it hard to keep up with activity to have to click all the way up there, and clicking to view my alerts messes up the page. It's probably better to have all those options placed under a banner.

2. The basic forum links on the top are placed vertically. Probably should adjust those, as their placement can turn off potential members. If you don't plan on using the portal, then remove that.

3.  I think that if you replaced MyBB's default emoticons and post icons with better ones, then I think that would make the forums look more appealing. Get a pack of custom emoticons that fit the niche.

4. Theme and template adjustments, such as color scheme and less unnecessary things cluttering up the threads and profiles. The shoutbox should stay. A favicon would look nice.

5. Make profiles, member list, calendar, forum team, and forum statistics hidden from guests. Keeping them public may put the forums at risk of trolls and other annoyances. I'd also suggest that you set the online list maximum to two hours, so as to give an impression that the administrators and moderators are always online. It'd probably even help make the place look a bit more active to see more usernames at once.

6. Consider a points-based system. Since the current forum software is MyBB, grab the NewPoints plugin. You can even add a shop plugin that utilizes those points. It helps make profiles and posts look more customized. What you decide for the items is up to you.

There are some other things that could be improved on, but those are what come to mind right now.
*moves topic to the right board*

1) That is how this responsive theme was made. I cannot change that.

2) Again, this is how this responsive theme was made.

3) Will work on that eventually.

4) We have several different colored themes, some of which maybe broken, but I'm not in the mood to change them.

5) We always had these public and had nothing bad happen at all. As for activity, I do not expect that anyone posts here, because I haven't advertised these forums too much and I don't have a webcomic to put up just yet. My laptop can BARELY handle making a full size print artwork, let alone a 12x9 spread for comic pages.

6) We had a points system when I ran Zelda Sanctuary and it did nothing to help activity and no one cared for the features.
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