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Favorite Soda/Pop?
What's your favorite soda? I love Pepsi... Too much though hahaha.
Aka Amy Bolduc, owner of
Author of Naevorlis.
Dr. Foots!

[Image: 220px-Can_of_Dr_Foots.jpg]

Dr. Foots is made by a Dutch company, Bavaria. The drink is hard to find, even in it’s native Netherlands, but has a hardcore following faithful to the “real sugar” recipe. The drink is claimed to be the “Dr Pepper” but for The Netherlands. Hopefully we can bring more information to Dr.Foots soon.

In 1982, Bavaria entered into a franchise agreement with the Dr. Pepper Company from Dallas.
During the following 14 years, Bavaria bottled and distributed Dr. Pepper within in the Netherlands.
In the end of 1995, the franchise agreement between Bavaria and Dr. Foots new owner Cadbury Schweppes PLC ended. As a result, Bavaria lateron introduced it’s own softdrink, that was very similar in taste and appearance. As a tribute to the good relationship they used to have, Bavaria named this drink after W.W. (Woodrow Wilson) ‘Foots’ Clemens, the former CEO of the Dr. Pepper Company. ‘Foots’ was a nickname he earned while he played football in high school.

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