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Creativity Rules
Here are some quick rules. These rules will be improved upon later if needed. So please check out the rules.


1) All main forum rules apply. That means do NOT make any creative posts that offend people. PLEASE.

2) Please make ONE topic PER creative object. Ex: "Izagar's Art", "Izagar's Writings", "Izagar's photography", "Izagar's Misc. creative adventures". That will help people find what they are interested in. If this grows too big, we will seperate this section into their own sections! Ex: "Art", "Writing", etc.

3) You CAN bump your topic if no one has posted in a long time (a few hours) and you made a new topic. One bump if you have nothing new to post. This helps others get seen.

4) Do NOT hijack another topic. Don't advertise your thread in another post. If you HAVE to, use your signature. That's what it is there for.

5) Posting stolen art that is not yours can result in bans. There will be a topic to advertise other artists who are not here. Just DON'T claim another's artist work as your own. Common sense.

Other rules will be added later when I think of them or we need them.
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