Fantasy Webcomic by Izagar
Updates coming in the near future!
Fantasy Webcomic by Izagar
Updates coming in the near future!


In the world of Naevorlis, there are various characters who roam across the planet of Naevorlis. Here are just a few characters you will meet in the webcomic:

Shrukan Caelestis
A young Scalix (dragon-human) child who lives in the land of Ilidar. His memories of his mother and past are fragmented and he was abandoned by his father when he was just a fortnight old. He also has some sort of tie to The Plague

The Plague
A Scalix also known as “He Who Has Slain Thousands”, The Plague was named for his tenacity as well as having no remorse for the living. Some people think he is the Dark God reincarnated for he wields the same dark powers as the god of old.

The Dark God
A god who wields terrible dark power and all of creation fears him. He warred with his sister, the Light Goddess, for dominion over Naevorlis and of all creation. He was sealed away by the God of Balance.

The Light Goddess
A goddess who wields wondrous light power and all of creation welcomes her to their homes. She warred with her brother, the Dark God, to protect Naevorlis and all of creation. She was sealed away in hopes of keeping the seal on the Dark God from breaking.

The God of Balance
A mysterious pale and nude god who’s silver eyes strikes fear and awe at all who behold him. Lacking most emotions, he is seen as the ultimate judge of all creation. He ended the war between the Dark God and Light Goddess and sealed them away, where they were never to reawaken.

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