Fantasy Webcomic by Izagar
Updates coming in the near future!
Fantasy Webcomic by Izagar
Updates coming in the near future!

Information about Naevorlis

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Long ago, a god descended into the mortal realm, singing the song of creation, creating the stars, planets, and galaxies that would fill the universe. He descended upon one planet naming it Naevorlis, becoming its ruler and protector. For a time there was peace before the god’s children, the God of Darkness and the Goddess of Light, warred with one another. The God of Creation then sealed the two gods away before he himself vanished from mortal eyes.

Now in the present, a man who has mastery over the powers of darkness seeks to find this God of Creation and kill him for his power. Tied to this madman is a young teenager named Shrukan whose past he cannot recall. Shrukan’s ultimate fate will be revealed…

The World of Naevorlis

The world of Naevorlis takes place on a planet of Naevorlis, the first planet brought into existence. There are several realms which co-exist alongside with the mortal realm. The first is the High Plane, where the spirits of the saints live on for eternity alongside angels and holy dragons. The other is the Underworld, where the spirits of the damned, demons and their fell dragons lie in wait.

Naevorlis used to have a single continent where humans, elves, dwarves, and dragons lived in peace with one another, as well as a multitude of beasts and animals. However, after tragedy struck the God of Creation (called the First Armageddon), the continent broke apart “as earth opened wide and swallowed both the mortals and the seas into its bottomless stomach”. The result of this caused the continent to split into many other continents and smaller islands. The epicenter of First Armageddon is blocked by tall mountains that rip forth from the sea and hungry whirlpools which still hunger for mortals.


In the world of Naevorlis, there are three types of magic: Elemental Magic, Non-Elemental Magic and Forbidden Magic.

  • Elemental Magic: Elemental Magic is a type of magic that derives its power by cooperating with elemental spirits who are normally invisible in the mortal realms. These spirits are based on all of the elements of the world: fire, water, wind, lightning, earth, light and dark. When a spirit is called forth by a mortal, they become linked to the mortal as a servant and then appear in their physical forms. Each spirit takes the form of a different animal, like fiery dragon-like beast.
  • Non-Elemental Magic: Also known as the “Power of Words”, especially to the elves and the God of Creation, this magic is not based on elemental spirits and can affect the world by speaking the language of the gods. Energy magic is considered a part of the Non-Elemental Magic branch.
  • Forbidden Magic: Forbidden magic, as it’s name implies, is magic that the God of Creation has strictly said is forbidden for use by mortals. It is magic that has existed since time’s beginning that even the God of Creation does not dare to use. Necromancy (in terms of raising the dead) is one such forbidden spell.


In Naevorlis, there are a handful of sentient races which live on the planet of Naevorlis. These are the current known races, with more being added as they are introduced:

  • Humans: Humans were one of the first four races that were created by the God of Creation. They lacked the pointed ears of their elven cousins and they stood taller than the dwarves. They were created and learned farming before the other races and shared their skills.
  • Elves: Elves were one of the first four races that were created. They were the personal favorite of the God of Creation and were given knowledge of his language, the ability to write, as well as learn magic faster than the other races. They taught the other races what they had learned.
  • Dwarves: Dwarves are shorted and stockier human-like figures with big noses and sometimes long or short ears. These beings were the first to learn mining and smithy work and shared their knowledge to the other races.
  • Dragons: Dragons were the last of the races made by the God of Creation at the dawn of time. These large lizard beasts were granted the power over magic, but learned it at a slower pace than the elves. They were the first to learn hunting and passed it on to the other races, urging them to kill with weapons or magic. As a result of their immense magic and physical strength, the God of Creation gave them a special task: to be the protectors of secrets.
  • Scalix: Scalix were one of the first races that appeared after the War of Angels and Demons, which nearly destroyed the world. Born from a clan of humans who worshipped the almighty dragons, these beings appeared human in look but were born with a dragon tail and could summon dragon wings. The earliest known Scalix were even capable of transforming into full dragons for a short time. However, because of their half-breed blood, they were chased by other humans to the north and south ends of the world and their numbers quickly dwindled for a time along with the dragons.

Culture and Religion

Before and even after the First Armageddon, the races of the world worship their god, albeit in differing ways. Most humans attend church on the first day of the week and are a part of the Estervir Church. Elves, on the other hand, worship the god of creation in all they do and every day of the week. Dwarves are not as religious as they once were, instead busying themselves with their mining and smith work. Dragons along with Scalix both worship the God of Creation and the Dragons of Time which consist of four dragons who embody and control the four seasons of Naevorlis as well as the Sun Dragon and the Moon Dragon which circle the earth.


Currency run around the world is based on coins made out of gold, silver, copper and bronze. A detailed list of coin worth between each kingdom will be available later. However, coins from the Scalix kingdom, no matter how valuable they are, are absolutely worthless to humans while elven coins are worth a considerable amount of money.

Additional information will be added later.

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